Abbott Mount Cottage is a striking hundred year old heritage lodge. With dazzling Himalayan views and ever-ending snow clad forest cover, this place is admirable for bird watching and nature treks. The environment of the Abbott Mount Cottage is untouched and virgin. The silent atmosphere, the exotic birds, and probably some tourists trying their hand at Mahseer fishing are the best way to describe this place. It is situated in Uttarakhand near Indo-Nepal Boarder. The Himalayan beauty is unique during the quiet and serene evenings.

Abbott Mount cottage is named after Mr. John Harold Abbott who wanted to start a hill station for the Europeans. The cottage has not changed since its inception. There are 13 cottages which are spread over this private hill. There is a scenic church set amidst the forest area and an old cricket pitch with an unrivaled view of the mountains.


The cottage has 4 rooms 2 on the Ground floor and 2 on the fiest floor. One of the two rooms, has a small room for children too.Each room has a double bed with linen, fresh towels and warm blankets / duvets. Heaters are provided in cold weather. Hot water is supplied in buckets.

In the Abbott Mount Cottage during the month of May, the gardens are full of butterflies and blooming flowers. The sky plays with its blooming colors mesmerizing the people while giving a feel of staying in a British house. From March till the monsoons this place offers some of the best Mahaseer fishing is done here. It is an ideal place to sit back in an old reclining chair in the veranda and read a book while in the background there is wonderful scenery.


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