The Haunting of Abbott Mount

An abandoned hospital, a neglected church and a graveyard, all located atop a lonely hill covered by a cloak of fog - perfect setting for a haunting. Established early in the nineteenth century by the Englishman John Harold Abbott, Abbott Mount is a remote hill station in the Champawat district of Lohaghat. On top of Abbott Mount is a big playground and on its slopes are European Bungalows with well-maintained gardens and orchards, the best among them is the Abbott Mount Cottage. Built in the British style of architecture, the bungalow exudes elegance and charm.

Abbott Mount is known for two things. Awe-inspiring, sweep you off your feet natural beauty and ghosts! Enough has been said about the beauty of the place so let’s discuss ghosts. While there are many stories that have developed over the years about the silent hill, the one I found particularly intriguing was about the Morris hospital.

According to the locals, the hospital which now stands in shambles used to be one of the best healthcare centres in Lohaghat. But that’s the boring part. What piques the curiosity is the person the hospital is named after - Dr Morris. It is believed that Morris could tell when a person would die just by checking their pulse. The patients were then transferred to a special room named ‘Mukti Ghar’ where they would spend their final moments. It is believed Morris conducted experiments on those who lived, until they finally succumbed to his malpractices, and the hospital is now haunted by the ghosts of those who died at his hands.

While it is possible the horror story is nothing but a ruse, there is undeniably a certain eeriness that lingers in the place. Abbott Mount may not be haunted by ghosts, but it is definitely haunted by their stories and that’s good enough a reason to visit it. It’s like they say, “Some places are eerie because they are haunted, some places are haunted because they are eerie”. Which one is Abbott Mount? Discover for yourself.


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