India is a landscape dominated by varied rivers, which makes it an ideal designation for a fishing tour. The Himalayas are a home to a varied number of people, languages, and creeds. It is aptly called “A place where the Earth meets the Sky”. It’s a place of such beauty and peace that people from all over the world travel just to experience its beauty. The Himalayan region encompasses within itself the world’s major rivers, glacier such as the Gangotri Glacier, the Indus River as well as many lakes such as the Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, Mansar Lake, etc are a site to behold during the winter season. It’s another unique and beautiful site are the House-boats, famously known as “The Shikara”.

The snow covered peaks gives a person a heavenly feeling. Most rare species of bird and other animals are found in this beautiful place such as the Monal bird and the Fire-tailed Sunbird. The Himalayas are also known for its medicinal herbs. Among all the unique features of this region is the sport of Mahseer Angling.

The only other destination is southern India; a perfect spot for fishing is River Cauvery. Such a rare, beautiful place holds an equally rare species of fish known as the Mahseer and the process by which this rare fish is caught is known as Mahseer Angling. The Himalayas provide an apt climate for the survival of the Mahseer fishes that require cold climate and fast flowing water to survive. Many camp sites for Mahseer Fishing are nestled among the Kumaon Hills in Central Himalayan region where this has become a very thrilling and challenging sports for the natives as well as the tourists, equally. One such place is Pancheshwar near Abbott Mount.

Mahseer is known as the Tiger of the River and the experience of catching the Mahseer is truly amazing and thrilling. The skies are typically clearer and nights colder although the days are pleasant, which is the perfect climate to enjoy such a thrilling sports. The rivers that descend through magnificent mountain valleys in the Central Himalayan scenic region propose not only incredible sport of Fishing but also magnificent landscape and solitude to the tourists. The default hypothesis of the sport addict is found to be that – the best fishing tends to be in the less explored secluded areas.

The beautiful sunsets and the sights of the majestic snow-covered Himalayas all add to the experience of conquering the Mahseer. The fast-flowing rapids and the river rafting give us an amazing experience specially while Mahseer fishing. It is an addictive and challenging experience for both professionals as well the non-professionals. There are two periods of the time in a year when anglers focus on Mahseer fishing in India are in Autumn (Sep/Oct/Nov), as the rivers begin to clear after the torrential rain, and in Spring (March/April/May) , when the early monsoon rain commences to raise the level of the rivers again.

Fish angling in India is an active and fun-filled sport since it is a landscape dominated by numerous rivers, which makes it an ideal place for fish breeding. Angling in India especially Mahseer Angling is an addictive sport especially when surrounded by the beautiful sceneries of the Himalayan range.


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