India is a beautiful country covered by the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas in the north which seems like a crown on head. Himalayas is such a beautiful place that people call it “A heaven on Earth”. The Himalayan region is full of majestic rivers, rapids and many beautiful glaciers as well. It is endowed with such amazing scenes that people are attracted to the place in large numbers, where they can experience the most splendid places of their life. The Himalayas is made up of many small hills among which the most famous hill is the Kumaon Hills. There are many glaciers located in these hills. The various valleys and glaciers of the world are found in this beautiful Himalayan region.

Glacier is basically a mountain of ice floating on the water’s surface which has been gathering from a long time. Glaciers occur only in the Himalayas because of its high altitude range which helps in their formations. Glacier ice is the best form of freshwater available in Himalayas. Among all the glaciers in the Himalayan region the most famous is the Panch Chulli Glacier. There are also peaks named after this famous glacier. The peaks of Panch Chulli are located near the eastern parts of the Kumaon Hills, where it forms a bay between the Gori Ganga and The Darma Valley. These can be seen from Abbott Mount and Munsyari. The alluring Panch Chulli glacier can be seen from a village named Duktu which is the best tourist place for it enchanting beauty. The valleys, mountains and climate of Kumaon hills are the main reasons for such beautiful glaciers which have a long stretch.

Nestled among the snow-capped peaks of Panch Chulli, the Darma Valley borders Nepal and Tibet, which is remarkable and beautiful scenery. The Darma Valley as well as the Himalayan region preserves among itself a rare species of leopard, The Snow Leopard that can live among the high climatic conditions of this region.

The Panch Chulli Glacier is a site to behold especially when it’s in the peak of the winter season when every surface is covered with the pure white snow. The glacier looks almost angelic with its iced over surface glistening. The Panch Chulli peaks of India are among the most alluring peaks. The Darma Valley is formed by the flowing Darma River. This Valley is of great significance to the various anthropologists due to its diverse culture. The natives of this valley are sweet and helpful to tourists who come to visit the beautiful Darma Valley. The route to reach the Panch Chulli glacier is full of exotic sceneries, snow-capped mountains, splendid gushing streams as well as exotic wildlife.

Thus, the Panch Chulli glacier’s view is one of the few majestic views of the Himalayan region where a person is bound to see the most amazing sites to be ever seen. The Panch Chulli glacier flows throughout the year.


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